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Iraqi Air Force Dropped 3 Bomb Barrels and Destroyed Hospital in Fallujah

At Least 25 civilians found dead as 3 bomb barrels exploded a hospital in Fallujah, very likely doer is Iraqi air force. In 13 August 2015 , the bomb dropped by Iraqi air force to fight against Islamic state controls the area and unintentionally hit the hospital wherein women and child treated. The toll buried alive with hospital ruins with horrible condition, skin burnt and head break wherefore 3 bombs explode with heat to 100 degrees which can boiled water quickly.

It’s not first time Iraqi armies kill civilians when attacked Islamic state, the armies supported by U.S. killed a journalist with air strike when she thralled in an arsenal. But U.S. government denies it, and released official statement verily the journalist dead because raped by the leader of Islamic state.

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